How do you keep your stamina when on top?

Some of my friends who work as Stansted escorts of said that it can be difficult to keep up your stamina when on top. I agree with my Stansted escorts friends, sometimes it can be difficult. Of course it is important to eat healthily and not smoke, but are there any exercises you can do? Those who know me well also appreciate that I am a bit of a fitness fanatic. I jog about 5 miles per day and often do yoga for a couple of hours. Both running and yoga are great ways of keeping fit when you are on top. Most of my Stansted escorts don’t like jogging so that is out of the question. But, there are many other exercises you can do as well. It is all about aerobic exercise and you really need to make an effort to find the right kind of aerobic exercise to suit you. I like any type of exercise and I only run these days because of our two big dogs. Another type of aerobic exercise which I think that Stansted escorts could try would be spinning – or indoor biking as it is sometimes called. I do that for about three hours a week.

I told my Stansted escorts friends that I thought that cross training is really important. I rowed at university and I still love to row. When I have time I go rowing on the Thames with my husband. Of course, not all of us have the river accessible at the bottom of our back garden. Well if you don’t, you can go to the gym and do half an hour on the rowing machine. I got one of my Stansted escorts friends to do just that three times a week and she has never been fitter. Here is another exercise tip for Stansted escorts and people everywhere. Tabatha training is the latest craze from Japan. I tried a class with a couple of my Stansted escorts friends who were visiting me at home, and it was a really good class. It is incredibly tense and hard work but you do get some amazing results. I don’t really need to lose weight but if you do, I think it would be a really good exercise. Plus it really helps to up your aerobic capacity as well. Just as important as your waist line.

Do you like to exercise? If you do, you should try to cross train as much as you can. That means to do different type of exercises. Don’t just stick to the same old workout routine, do a little bit of everything. I love yoga because it gives me great muscle definition, running is great because you can do it anywhere and rowing gives you the best abs. Above all when you exercise make sure that you enjoy what you do, otherwise you are much more likely to give it up. Get healthy, get fit, live better and stay sexy!…

Tips on How to Achieve Maximum Satisfaction When Getting Laid with an Escort

Tips on How to Achieve Maximum Satisfaction When Getting Laid with an Escort

When you hire an escort, you look forward to having the maximum pleasure to obtain the value for your money. Sex with an escort does not come cheap, and there is an excitement about toying with her beautiful body. The following tips are essential in getting maximum satisfaction when getting laid with an escort, like the beautiful ladies at Eve Escorts:

Be Creative

Creativity enhances sexual pleasure from the thrill of doing unfamiliar things. The good thing about an escort is that you just met them once and you might never see each other again. You can do all the crazy things you have ever imagined doing with the opposite sex without feeling shy or thinking that your motives will be misinterpreted. Try out the 69 sex position during fellatio and cunnilingus and feel a rush of adrenaline behind your neck. Let the escort have their first orgasm even before you slide your dick into their cunt by inserting a finger or two in the vagina during foreplay. Imagine how beautiful it would feel looking at her, lost in passion when you discover her depths using your fingers while she is holding your hard penis and begging for you to give it to her.

Have Sex in Different Positions

Try different sex positions that bring different feelings such as vulnerability, superiority, or dependability. Have domination sex with an escort with her arms, mouth, and legs tied to attain the pleasure of being in full control of your lovemaking session. You will achieve so much pleasure seeing how she reacts without saying a word as you screw her. Being in total control of your partner during sex is such a wonderful experience and allows you to explore sex in a new level.

Delay Your Orgasm

Escorts are known to fake orgasm. Ensure to last an escort long enough so that they will climax into orgasm naturally so that you get the right stimulation from the contraction and relaxation of their vaginal muscles. Condoms are useful in helping delay ejaculation since they reduce the intensity of stimulation during sex. Put on a condom to extend sex before ejaculation to ensure you both reach orgasm at the same time for maximum satisfaction. You can also delay your orgasm by masturbating before penetration to get rid of the first round of ejaculation which lasts shortest.…